Friday, April 3, 2009

The mermaid tail!!!!

You have heard about the mermaid tail and here it is in all it's glory!! Originally made for Miss P.Hilton...We slaved over this tail at the studio for about 13hrs straight woah!!!

You can see the full shoot here

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

..MissKK New Crystal Feather Necklace Collection..

Yes thats right.. MissKK Crystal Feather Necklaces!! With assorted crystals and feathers, and 28" long  adjustable chain with closure.. Cant get much better than that.. Also reintroducing some styles from my past feather collection, due to demand..  Please email me if your interested in a line sheet with wholesale prices. Lots of super feather love..MissKK

#1e Triple White/Gold Peacock/Clear Crystals

#2e Triple Green Peacock/Black Crystals

#1f Triple White/Opalescent Crystals sm/ml
(small/medium opalescent crystals)
(medium/large opalescent crystals)

#2f Triple Pale Pink/ Opalescent Crystals sm/ml
(small/medium crystals)
(medium/large opalescent crystals)

#2f Triple Grey/Black Crystals sm/ml
(small/medium black crystals)
(medium/large black crystals)

#4f  Triple Black/Black Crystals sm/ml
(small/medium Black Crystals)
(medium/large black crystals)

#1a White/Black Speckled/Cream

#2a White w/ Black Tips/Black

#3a Brown Stripe/Black

#14a Rainbow Tiger/Pale Pink

#3b 5qt. Green Peacock

#2b 5qt. White/Gold Peacock

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Featherbeard in His HandMade Jacket by MissKK

Yes.. This XMas I made my man, Featherbeard a custom jacket.. Its based off of a original 1930's Russian costume that my friend David, from the vintage store Held Over owns. He  let me borrow it to make a pattern  and use for inspiration. It is made of deep purple velvet, felt appliqued flowers and deco designs, felt tassles, linen sleeves and fur trim.. It was quite a project, but he sure looks lovely in it.. LOVE 

Friday, January 2, 2009

MissKK Custom for Eleni Mandell

This is a Custom Dress I made for Eleni Mandel.. Eleni is an amazing musician that I have collaborated with, from styling her Photo Shoots, to soon to be Costumes for her Tour.. she is great to work with.. Together we chose the Style, Fabric, Color and Print to make this Magical Beauty.. Vibrant Green Silk Jersey Ruffle Dress with Glitter Green Peacock Feather Print..  And Many More on there way!!! Keep a Look Out.. LOVE

MissKK Collaboration with Sister...

Yes..My sister, Kat Karnaky is an amazing Textile Designer.. She is just finishing getting her Masters Degree in Textile Science in Philadelphia, where she also works designing prints for Anthropolgie.. For her Final School Show we collaborated., she making the prints and fabrics, myself designing and making the dresses.. All Three Dresses..All made of Silk and Machine Printed for her Show..(The Green Dress on the left,, look close,, its Ladies Faces!!) What a great Sister Project.. LOVE

Naked Butt Ladies Shooting Rainbows..

Better Late than Never.. These are some Capes I made with my Man, Joseph Harper aka FeatherBeard of Naked Butt Ladies Shooting Rainbows to perform in at my Friends Wedding in October..!!! Made of Silk, Hand Printed with our Illustrations and then Hand Painted.. His has Lavender lining and Triangular hem, mine Pale Yellow with Scalloped hem.. No better project to share with your Mate,, Yeah Rainbows, Butts, and Capes!!! LOVE  

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays from MissKK

Happy Holidays from MissKK and FeatherBeard!!!